Problem Locks


Take a few minutes to check now: grab a ruler and measure how far all your locks protrude in mm. Or you could even take a photo and upload it via our Contact page for a professional option on your security. 

If your lock cylinder does protrude past the end of the handles, it is leaving your house vulnerable to being broken into in just SECONDS in an almost silent attack! 

The rim of the cylinder must be less than 3mm from the faceplate of the handle or the lock can be forced open by breaking it internally. This is a well-publicised and increasingly popular method used by thieves, not helped by the number of detailed “how-to” videos that have been published online. 

A recent BBC News report highlighted that over 25% of burglaries are now the result of snapped locks. It isn’t just a problem in the North of England – it happens every week all over the country.

The technique works because of an inherent vulnerability in the design of uPVC and apartment door locks which leaves a weak spot that can be exploited to shear the lock in the centre. 

Burglars are commonly using a simple forceful technique to break the lock and then steal possessions from homes but also to find keys to steal cars and vans from the driveway! 

Fitting the right size and a high quality replacement lock cylinder is crucial to preventing this attack. In addition several products are also available that add extra strength to the cylinder, usually in conjunction with upgrading the handles. 

iLock Security can fit a SECURE SNAP PROTECTED replacement from just £95, with handles from £45 fitted. Call us on 0208 758 1343 to massively reduce the risk to your home and possessions now! 

We are also always available 24hrs everyday to help with any locksmith or home security issues. 

Snap resistant cylinders 

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